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The Straight & Marrow Podcast

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Episode 20

Our most popular guest returns to discuss the nuts and bolts of the post transplant course after discharge from hospital. Dr Ashvind Prabahran talks about CMV/EBV, GVHD –every acronym in BMT including the risk of infections and medication management. 

Episode 19

Dr Shaza Abo talks to the Straight and Marrow team to discuss the benefits of exercise pre, during and post AlloBMT. From ensuring safety to recommended guidelines, Shaza has a wealth of knowledge, resources and experience as a clinical and research physiotherapist. 

Episode 18

Richelle and Chris from Arrow the Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation join the Straight and Marrow team to discuss what the charity offers, from financial support, information booklets to  scholarships for healthcare professionals – they are here to support all people affected by bone marrow transplants

Episode 17

Why aren’t all siblings a match for transplant? What do we mean by double organ transplant? How does the unrelated donor search work? What does this have to do with online dating? What happens if my chimerism is mixed? What is a donor lymphocyte infusion….  

We take these questions to the head of transplant at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre to help us understand these tricky concepts.

Episode 16

Ever been asked or wanted to ask a question about alternative medicine? Gail Rowan is a senior pharmacist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, she talks to the Straight and Marrow team about complementary therapies and their place in cancer treatment, provides tips on how to evaluate the evidence and where to go if you have questions. The language is confusing - we break it down and we delve into the history of apricot kernels and the alkaline diet in cancer therapy.

Episode 15

Dr Priscilla Gates (Post Doctoral researcher) talks to the Straight and Marrow team about a challenging symptom that most people will tackle throughout their diagnosis and journey. We discuss potential causes, the impacts and what to do about it.

Episode 14

Simone Sheridan, a sexual health nurse consultant at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne talks to the Straight and Marrow team about a wide spectrum of ideas, questions, concerns and strategies in regards to sex and intimacy post or during treatment.

Episode 13

Dr Michelle Yong, an infectious diseases expert, answers all of our questions about infectious diseases in bone marrow transplant patients. We discuss neutrophils, cytomegalovirus, preventative measures and discuss what is the real 'f' word in transplantation.

How I Survived Acute Leukaemia and a Bone Marrow Transplant - Kate's Story

Episode 12

In this episode, Alex and Ming talk with one of their patients Kate. Kate was diagnosed with AML in 2020 and she shares with us candidly what her experience was like; from ICU admissions to struggling with graft versus host disease and balancing her recovery with family life - Kate's frank and open insight into her illness and recovery is inspiring to hear.

Graft vs. Host Disease - A Balancing Act

Episode 11

Dr Ray Koo, a haematologist specialising in allogeneic bone marrow transplants, joins Alex & Yvonne to discuss Graft vs Host Disease. From understanding the paradox of graft versus host disease and graft versus tumour effect,through to general treatment guidelines and take home messages.

What Now? Survivorship Post Transplant

Episode 10

Bianca Cirone is a Bone Marrow Transplant Nurse Practitioner at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Bianca talks with Yvonne and Alex about survivorship and management of the late effects of transplantation - from hormones to sexual health to secondary cancers.

Young People & a Cancer Diagnosis

Episode 9

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a young person having a bone marrow transplant or dealing with a cancer diagnosis?
Kate Thompson is the program manager of ONTrac at Peter Mac Victorian Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Service. In this episode she talks about the broader aspects of care for young people with cancer from changing family dynamics, how to talk to your parents and to how to get a job or go to uni post transplant. 

Mind Games - Mental Wellbeing Post Transplant

Episode 8

Dr Brindha Pillay is a clinical psychologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Royal Melbourne Hospital. She is particularly interested in providing therapeutic interventions to patients and their families as they navigate the cancer experience, from diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation. In this episode she talks with Alex and Yvonne about a broad range of topics from management techniques through to relationship troubles and the fear of relapse.

How do I Take All These Tablets

Episode 7

Mr Shevon Fernando works as a senior haematology pharmacist at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. In this episode Shevon talks with Alex about all things medication management and allograft – from the purposes behind the medications that we use, nausea management and how to manage the sheer volume of tablets.

Episode 6

Aaron Hill is an apheresis clinical nurse specialist at the VCCC service with a 20 year background in Haematology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Apheresis.  Aaron talks with the team about the process of donating stem cells and the incredible role of the donor.

The Risks of a Bone Marrow Transplant

Episode 5

Professor David Ritchie and Ming discuss a frequently asked question from patients “what are my chances”. In this episode we look at factors that impact decision making in transplantation and what patients can expect throughout different stages of their transplant – from a pre-transplant work up to mucositis and engraftment.

Episode 4

Dr Ashvind Prabahran & Alex discuss the why, the what and the how of an allogeneic bone marrow transplant as well as some of the nursing and patient experiences related to the BMT inpatient stay.

Episode 3

Cancer fatigue is a commonly described symptom after Allogeneic BMT and can be very distressing.  Dr Elizabeth Pearson answers questions about managing cancer & treatment related fatigue

Episode 2

Social worker Lori Hobbs and carer Jan Hamilton discuss the wonderful and complex role of being a carer for someone having a bone marrow transplant.

Episode 1

Professor Jeffrey Szer shares his incredible insights into the evolution and development of Allogeneic bone marrow transplant in Australia using his personal history as a transplanter - it’s not fiction!

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